The Dudes!

Well, here we are in all of our glory. This is just a little tidbit of the men behind the keyboards, here to entertain the masses.


Hi I’m Krunchy, founder and FEARLESS LEADER of Dudes On a Porch. Right away you might be asking yourself, “Krunchy? Who the fuck goes by Krunchy?” Well I do and I’ll tell you why…

See it all came from our good buddy Soups. Soups has known me for years and I’ll just say that when you know Krunchy for years, well, you get to see a certain je ne sais quoi. Hitting you with the French right off the bat. Google it. You could say it’s my attitude, you could say it’s my takes. I like to think it’s all of it combined into one nice, neat, Krunchy package.

Keep reading and tell your friends. They’ll thank you.


My name is Monti. Yes, it’s a pseudonym. I don’t like lying so I would never write anything if I wasn’t certain it’s a fact.

Here are my stats:
     – 2011 volleyball classic participant
     – Dunked a basketball once
     – 4x flag football player
     – 5x dislocated shoulder


Hey all, my name is Griff. Anything posted by me will be factually accurate, as opposed to simply mirroring popular blog styles for views and laughs. Unlike many of the other bloggers on DOAP, I actually played and followed sports my entire life.

P.S. For a good laugh, ask Krunchy about his self-induced concussions.