The Tap Heard Around The World: KAT tapped!

Shootless Aggression was on full display last night.

In the 3rd quarter of the TWolvers/Sixers game, ring technician Ben Simmons got the best of Karl-Anthony Towns with a devastating crossface. A few seconds after it was locked in, KAT had no chance but to tap.

Patriots defense is STILL underrated

At the halfway point of the season, the Patriots stats look like this:

 Through 8 Games16 Games TotalNFL Record
Points Allowed61121165 ('00 Ravens)
Yards Allowed187237443549 ('91 Eagles)

It’s stupid how good this defense is. Do I need to remind you that we’re in the highest scoring period in NFL history to get the point across? Most people would say that we haven’t played anybody yet, but I disagree because we’ve played 8 NFL teams and #ANYGIVENSUNDAY applies. Did you see how close the Patriots were to letting the Browns get back into the game (to cover)?

However as good as the D is, the notion that the offense is being carried is a little bit fucking crazy. Hey guys we have a 6 time super bowl champion nightshade-free quarterback. It’s tough to rack up stats when you rank 2nd in the league with an average starting field position of 33. Anyways, it’s a team sport. Team game. The team the team the team.

Steve “Brigham” Young suggests owners collude to keep league parity

Steve Young says the NFL is heading towards being like the NBA with big-name players demanding trades.— ESPN (@espn) September 17, 2019

No other league has the same level of parity as the NFL. Even though the Patriots consistently play the previous year’s AFC division winners, they consistently end the year with a pretty easy schedule. They have the correct scheduling system, the league really is Any Given Sunday. Now AB and Jalen Ramsey are just begging to be released, which could set in motion a huge NBA-like wave of star players leaving bad teams, or teams in bad markets. AB might have employed a more Leeroy Jenkins strategy of just going all in with the insanity, but I’m sure at the very least we’ll see more Jalen Ramsey type requests. And the whole “get pulled away from your coach/coach gets pulled away from you” thing.

Of course all the suited up “CONTRAKT IS CONTRAKT” folks at The WWL hate the idea of employees changing offices. You know because fan Darren won’t be a fan anymore if that guy leaves, or that team owner might not make enough in jersey sales. I think? Idk. Maybe it’s a law thing but as a sovereign citizen I wouldn’t know. Luckily we know that NFL drama means the NFL being in the news which is always a good thing, so I enjoy it when players freak out and act like babies. Except when it’s our team. I also would like to say I do NOT like Aaron Hernandez.

However, Steve Young’s position on the matter makes total sense. His buddy Brigham Young wasn’t really a fan of people being able to choose where they want to go either.