Quick Reaction: A Wild Night for Boston Sports

Wow. Two absolutely incredible games.

First off. Fuck you David Price, you are a bum and I hope you opt out and leave town. The Red Sox won in spite of you. Mookie Betts is finally hitting, so watch out Astros. This is a whole new series now, just need to keep swinging the bats. 

Kimbrel, you’ve been shaky. What’s up with all the runs? It seems like you like to work under tremendous pressure. Chill out and just pitch.

The other game of the night was arguably more thrilling. WHAT. A. SHOOTOUT!

Bill, you’ve gotta do something about that defense. How do they just let Tyreke Hill get wide open constantly? Patriots offense looked great. Just need Brady to stop overthrowing Josh Gordon and that tandem will be DEADLY.  Sony Michel is showing the world why he was a first round pick. Great vision hitting the holes or bouncing to the outside. Looks really hard to tackle.

Typical Tom Brady two minute drill to win the game. Patrick Mahomes is legit. Cannon for an arm and balls of steel. Very impressed by him. Hill is blazing fast, he was all over the field. Defense looks old and slow. Not going to get it done in the playoffs playing like that. Can’t expect the offense to put up 40+ every night.

Great night for Boston sports.

Brock Lobster MURDERS The Bears

Wow. That was unexpected. Especially by me.



Brock Lobster came out and put his dick on the table. Dude LIT the “vaunted” Bears defense up for 380 yards 3 TD and 2 INT and the Dolphins win. Where the fuck did this come from?

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Help us David Price, you’re our only hope!

So it’s come to this. David Price has another opportunity to show the Boston Red Sox that he might actually be worth $30 Million a year. 

The Sox got smoked last night. Chris Sale didn’t quite have it, but he turned it on after the third inning. Unfortunately he didn’t get to go long in the game and the Sox turned to Joe Kelly.

Joe Kelly was nails last night. He gave them 1 and 2/3 innings of solid work, throwing 99+mph gas. Matt Barnes and Ryan “Brazzers” Brasier provided relief of Kelly to the tune of 2 1/3 innings of zero hit ball. They walked three but gave up no runs. The Sox still had life down 3-2 in the 8th. They couldn’t take advantage and needed a 2 run bottom of the ninth to win, if they could hold off the Astros for one more half inning.

Enter Brandon Workman.

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Quick Prediction: ALCS Game 1

We’re moments away from first pitch. Had to get my thoughts down. I think this is going to be a hell of a pitching duel. Don’t see a lot of runs being scored tonight.

For the Red Sox, Sale is going to dominate. 7 innings, 2 runs, 7+ Ks. I think the Sox bats don’t hit Verlander very well, but end up mashing off the bullpen 

Verlander goes 6+ innings 5 Ks 1 run but gets pulled due to a high pitch count. Bullpen comes in and blows it for Houston

Final score Sox 5 Astros 3

Chasing Banner #18 – 2018 Boston Celtics

Ladies and gentleman it’s that time again. The greatest time of the year. The start of the NBA season. Listen, I love all sports, but basketball has and always will be my #1. I play it (averagely) and I watch it religiously. Can’t get enough. If course my team in the NBA is the greatest franchise basketball has every had, the 17x Champion Boston Celtics.

This season should be special for this Celtics squad. Everyone is finally healthy and they have talent EVERYWHERE. So whaddaya say, let’s take a look at this years team.

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José Reyes Nominated for Man of the Year Award….What??

So the New York Mets have nominated Reyes for an award that is for the person “most respected based on his leadership on the field and in the community”. In 2018.

Let’s not forget that in 2015 (three years ago for those that have trouble with maths) he chokeslammed his wife into a glass door in the middle of a hotel. Great look for the potential “man of the year” for the Mets.

Typical New York ignorance.

Honestly, if he was the best choice on that Mets team then holy shit they need to stop playing baseball. Well they aren’t playing baseball, but I mean next season.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe people can change. And hey, maybe Reyes is doing much better and is trying to be a better man. I wouldn’t know. Don’t know him personally.


Patriots vs. Chiefs or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Patriots

Sunday night. Patriots vs. Chiefs. Two AFC behemoths duking it out in primetime.

We’ve been here before.

Twice the Chiefs have absolutely stomped a mudhole in the Patriots. Twice the national media has claimed it to be the end of the dynasty. Twice the Patriots made the Super Bowl in those seasons, winning in 2014 and losing in 2017.

So, yeah, I’m not really worried about the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Red Sox vs. Astros – ALCS Preview

What an ALDS that was! Well, the Red Sox-Yankees series at least. Houston beat the bag out of Cleveland. Now its on to the American League Championship Series and it should be an absolute banger.

The reigning, defending, World Series Champion Astros are having yet another incredible year finishing with 103 wins. That’s good for second place in the MLB…behind the BOSTON RED SOX who had the greatest regular season in team history with 108 wins.

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