Danny – Find a way to get Kemba!

Look at that smile! Wouldn’t he look great in green?

News came out today that the Celtics are “stealth” (as of now they aren’t “stealth” but are reported to be at the front line of suitors along with Dallas) players in the Kemba Walker market and I, for one, could not be happier to hear that. If they could lure Kemba, coming off a career season, away from the dumpster of Charlotte to come take over from Bye-rie Irving I think that would be an OUTSTANDING move.

“But Krunch, hes 29 years old! Do you really want to be paying a max contract to a 33 year old Kemba?”

The answer is yes. Abso-fucking-loutely.

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Al Horford Appreciation Post

Look at that beautiful smile 😣

Hey dudes, long time no talk. Krunch got busy, but I’m back. I don’t like to come back to the blog like this, but I come back with a heavy heart.

Al Horford is leaving.

Our collective Dad is moving on to bigger and better things (and a rumored 4yr/$100m contract). As a die hard green teamer, this sucks. 2 years ago this team was full of promise and potential. They were going to challenge the Warriors and at a MINIMUM make the Finals…… And then Gordon Hayward snapped his ankle and set in motion everything we see today with the Celtics.

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What is really going on with Gordon Hayward?

The night before last Celtics and Warriors played in a classic back and forth battle, one of the best games on the season. Kyrie kept up his hot streak with 32 points, 6 reb, 10 ast. Al Horford looked to be in prime Playoff Al form posting 22 points and 13 reb. Jayson Tatum poured in 20 points 5 reb himself. Overall the team went shot for shot with the defending champs and the best team in the NBA, but what did Gordon Hayward do?


Nothing at all.

He had 2 points, 7 reb, 2 ast. Yeah the 7 rebounds are nice, but they aren’t paying him a kings ransom to get rebounds. He needs to score and he looked hesitant and not fluid during this game. Going 0-5 from the field and having a -8 rating is not good. In fact, it’s bad. $31 million for 2 points in a game that they need him to at least give some great bench production.

So yes, he is a liability right now on both ends of the court. It’s not great, but they can’t abandon the $31 million man. Obviously this is all because of the horrific injury Hayward suffered last season. Is he still in pain? Is it all mental?

I lean to the mental aspect and I wonder just what he can do to trust in his body again. Watching highlights of him in Utah just dunking over dudes and driving to the hoop with reckless abandon makes me yearn for that G in a Celtics uniform. Imagine if the Celtics had that player on the squad right now! They would easily be the best in the East if not the best team in the NBA. It’s a shame, but I still hold out hope that Hayward can keep progressing and get back to being a stud. Hopefully at least a very very good bench player for a deep Celtics playoff run.

You got this G.

Patriots going to 3rd straight Super Bowl, NFL Twitter has more salt than the Atlantic ocean.

WHAT. A. GAME! Much respect is due to the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Holy shit that kid is legit and that team is really fucking good. I hope they win one in the future, but now is not the time. This is still Tom Brady’s league.

The GOAT did what GOATs do and led a 2 minute drive to put the Pats up 3 in the fourth, only for the defense to quickly give up a field goal to the Chiefs and bring it to OT. Why not, it’s not like I was already having heart palpitations.

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What a game, what a win over Toronto!

Last night was a phenomenal battle between two of the Eastern Conferences best teams. Kyrie and Kawhi going bucket for bucket.

Kyrie Irving had the best night I’ve ever seen him have in a Celtics uniform. He was controlling the offense, taking shots when he needed to, and setting his teammates up to score with a career high 18 assists. When he needed to take over, he did. His defense was on point and he was rotating when he needed to. Of course, there were some highlight reel Kyrie plays.

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Quick thoughts: Celtics/Raptors first half.

After what felt like an ugly first quarter (even though they were only down by 6) the Celtics had an EXCELLENT second half scoring 34 and holding Toronto to 17.

Kyrie is doing his usual Kyrie thing. Gordon Hayward is having the best half I’ve seen from him all season with 16 points and 4 assists against a top tier team. Keep feeding him. Kyrie and Gordon need to close this out. Get Hayward some confidence and get him back to his normal self.

Keep up this defense. That second quarter was masterful. Kawhi is going to get his, so make it that everyone else has to beat you. Keep this bench scoring going.

Please don’t come out and shit the bed in the 3rd. This had been far too common this season and frankly The Celtics need this tonight. This could be a rally starting win. A solid victory against the #1 team in the East and a rival to light the fire back under this team.

Let’s fucking go Celtics.

Patriots vs. Chargers: A throwback to simpler times.

We are days away from the divisional round clash between San Diego…I mean Los Angeles and New England. These teams are no strangers to each other in the playoffs, but the Patriots have been whooping that ass for 10+ years now. It’s been fun. Fuck LA.

In fact, the Patriots haven’t lost to the Chargers since October 2008, a regular season game that didn’t feature Tom Brady. The Chargers rarely beat the GOAT, he’s 8-2 against them in his career. That includes two wins in the playoffs, a 2006 Divisional win and a 2007 AFC Championship win. The 2006 Chargers were 14-2 and expected to go to the Super Bowl… until they ran into Tom Brady.

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Celtics/Pacers, let’s get that win for Abby Chin!

Abby Chin takes maternity leave after tonight’s game, let’s get a win to send her off in style!

Here’s to a healthy baby that gets to see banner 18 raised real soon!

The Pacers have been whooping the Celtics as of late winning the last 3 in a row. They’re the #3 seed currently 2.5 games ahead of Boston. A win tonight helps to make up ground while a loss means 4 straight down to the Pacers and another game behind in the seeding. Let’s not have that happen. Let’s not send Abby home with a loss.

The Celtics are only missing Aron Baynes, who is hopefully back next week. The Pacers are without Myles Turner and Ike Anigbogu.

Boston needs to keep up it’s offensive game they’ve been bringing the last few games (115 ppg over the last 3) and keep Victor Oladipo from going OFF.

Let’s go Celtics!


It didn’t come against the Spurs like I thought, but the Lil B blessing for Gordon Hayward has come. Tonight he dropped a season high 35 points on the Timberwolves on 14-18 shooting off of the bench.

No Kyrie. No problem tonight.

This is the sign of big things to come for Hayward. I can feel it in my plums. Here comes a great streak of games to continue to take the best of the Blessing.

Thank you Lil B. Thank you Gordon Hayward.

Let’s fucking go.

Troy Tulowitzki – Living the dream

Tulo just signed with the Yankees for the minimum (YUCK!) but is still getting paid a cool $20 million from the Toronto Blue Jay to play for a rival this season.


Nice job Canada. Way to manage that money.

How fucking sweet must it be for Tulo right now? Going from shitty Toronto to a World Series contender (not really, fuck you Yankees) all while getting PAID by the former. He’s not quite what he used to be, but for the minimum it’s zero risk for the Yankees. Hell, they still could end up with Manny “huge bitch who struck out for the final out in the World Series” Machado.

Fuck the Blue Jays. Fuck the Yankees.

Let’s go Red Sox.