Al Horford Appreciation Post

Look at that beautiful smile 😣

Hey dudes, long time no talk. Krunch got busy, but I’m back. I don’t like to come back to the blog like this, but I come back with a heavy heart.

Al Horford is leaving.

Our collective Dad is moving on to bigger and better things (and a rumored 4yr/$100m contract). As a die hard green teamer, this sucks. 2 years ago this team was full of promise and potential. They were going to challenge the Warriors and at a MINIMUM make the Finals…… And then Gordon Hayward snapped his ankle and set in motion everything we see today with the Celtics.

I can’t say I blame Al for moving on. He wants to win (and secure that bag, holy shit go get $100m). That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Al has been the consummate Celtic. Never a huge stats guy, but the glue that kept the team together. He was able to run the offense and keep everything moving. Without him this is a VERY different team.

I hope he goes somewhere that will appreciate him and give him an opportunity to get a ring, he sure deserves it. Just don’t go to the Lakers. Or Philly. Or team up with that fucking snake Kyrie.

Go to the Clippers with Kawhi and ruin the Lakers good fun.

So let’s just take a moment to reflect on Al Horford’s brief, but impactful, Celtics career.

Thank you for being the first big name free agent I’ve ever seen come to Boston.

Thank you for the 2017-18 ECF run. You were a stabilizing force for a young team that had its’ two other stars go down with injury.

Thank you for your veteran leadership, maturity, and professionalism.

Thank you for never complaining about touches, or stats, or…anything really.

Thank you for putting Joel Embiid in his place more often than not.

Thank you for playing through criticism like “Average Al” and showing up when we needed you most.

But most of all… Thank you for being you.

This is going to be an interesting off-season and season to come. Do the Celtics try to make a splash for a superstar (if one is even available)? All I know for certain is it’s time to unleash the Jays.

But until then, let’s remember fondly all that our Dad did.

Thanks Al, miss you big guy.

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