Celtics 1-0, We ’bout to have a fun season!

Well that was a way to open the season! An absolute thrashing of the Sixers.
I wonder if they get any better? They looked like GARBAGE. Couldn’t guard a toddler out there.

Biggest takeaway has to be the game for Jayson Tatum. Holy shit dude way to come right out and show the NBA you’re ready for primetime. Simply an excellent, leading performance.  A team leading 23 points, with 9 rebounds and 3 assists to boot! He looks GOOD. REALLY GOOD. Kobe clearly gave him some of the secret sauce this summer. If he keeps going he is going to be a superstar. The footwork is great and the shot is wet. He has the confidence to take anyone on the wing, make a move, and cut to the hoop. He’s only going to get better, and he’s already pretty damned good.

Marcus Morris had a nice 16 point 10 rebound double-double. Made some great shots. Keep it up Mook, shut me up for saying I expect nothing from you. The shot is looking good, some nice Swish on it. Plus I’m digging the Sr. on the jersey. You go get ’em Papa.

Big Al didn’t fill up the stat sheet, but he did typical Al things. Helped facilitate the offense and made timely buckets and some nasty blocks (5). Played some great defense to lock down the paint. You don’t want to come in on Big Al. Just don’t do it. Can anyone say DPOY? I can. I can say it LOUDLY. AnimAL.

Jaylen Brown had the best dunk-that-wasn’t-a-dunk to put Embiid on his ass. No, you dumb fucks it wasn’t a block. It wasn’t a dunk either. Saying it was a block that was lucky to go in means you don’t have eyes and no jack shit about basketball. Fuck outta here.

Look at that. Yes, Embiid gets tips on it. Brown still follows through and finishes. A very LOUD layup and still a show of incredible athleticism.

Terry Rozier is a dawg. 11 points 8 rebounds and a +22. Oh, and one HUGE block on Joel Embiid. Yep, you read that right. Terry Rozier blocked Joel Embiid. Danny, sign him up. Don’t trade him. Don’t lowball him. He brings so much energy, so much grit and balls to the team. He’s worth it. Arguably more than Marcus Smart who just got resigned for 4 years $52 million. 

Kyrie didn’t really show up, Hayward has to shake off some rust. Yet they still KICKED THE SHIT out of the Sixers. 

Simply Amazing.

For the Sixers, WOOF. Embiid looked great. He’s a great player when he’s not being a little bitch. 23-10 is damned good. He moves fluidly and quickly for a man of his size.

Ben Simmons is trash. 19-15-8? You couldn’t get the triple double you fucking scrub? Dude can barely beat Al Horford in a foot race (Horford isn’t what you’d call fast). Go back and play in Australia, maybe you’ll be a superstar their because it ain’t happening in the NBA Benny.

Here we go to 82-0. Watch out Warriors, we coming for you!

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