Celtics – Magic, a Monday night affair.

This won’t be a long blog, as this isn’t an incredibly premier matchup. There is a bit of intrigue though. Orlando has some young talent that it will be interesting to see against the Celtics for the first time this season. Mo Bamba, Aaron Gordon, and Jonathon Isaac are all young players trying to drag the Magic back to relevancy. 

So far Bamba hasn’t done much, but he’s gotten limited minutes. He had a good showing against the Heat, but that’s been it. He’ll look to get more involved tonight. 

Jonathon Isaac is the same story. Not much production in 20 MPG.

Aaron Gordon has looked really excellent. So far averaging 17 ppg and 12.7 reb, he’s had one stinker game on offense against Charlotte where he only put up 5 but still had 10 reb and 2 blocks. Every other game so far he’s gone for 20-10 or more. He’s just starting to come into his own in this league, it’ll be fun watching his development.

Especially if he continues to have games like this…

The Celtics need to get better chemistry. Kyrie has been spotty. Hayward has looked good, but hesitant. Understandable coming from a guy that just completely fucked his lower leg last season. His foot looked like it was barely hanging on for dear life. He gets a pass for another month. But his mid range shot has looked nice.

Marcus Morris has been dammed good off the bench, although he is questionable tonight. 

Jaylen Brown hasn’t had his shot fall so far this season. He needs to get in a rhythm, but he’ll be fine.

I really really really hope Jayson Tatum just keeps fucking everyone up. He looks incredible and could easily be the Celtics #1 option come playoff time if he keeps this up. Did everyone see that turnaround jumper in the 4th against the Knicks? Was that Tatum or Kobe, I couldn’t tell. I have to remind everyone that THIS KID IS 20 YEARS OLD AND BIG-DICKING PEOPLE ALREADY.

Man he’s going to be good GREAT.

Overall the Celtics shouldn’t have too much trouble tonight. Orlando doesn’t have the talent to match up.

Celtics 98 Magic 85

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