Celtics vs. Sixers – Rivalry Ignited

Saturday May 5, 2018.
Game three of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.
The Boston Celtics are up 2-0 in the series against the Philadelphia 76ers.

It’s the fourth quarter. Sixers have the ball down 89-87 with barely over a second on the clock. It appears the Celtics are going to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. 

Marco Belinelli throws up a hail mary shot from the corner. It’s deep. There’s no time left.


Confetti begins to fall. The crowd goes nuts. The Sixers are back in this series!

But they aren’t. 
That shot was a two-pointer. They tied the game. It’s going to overtime.

Flash forward to today, we all know how that game turned out. Celtics won the game in OT, and took the series in 5 games. The Sixers looked at times like they didn’t belong on the same court.

Could the Sixers look any more stupid?

Now we’re less than 24 hours away from tip-off and we have a meeting of two rivals. Celtics. Sixers. There is some bad blood between the two teams. They do not like each other. Philly is still pissed about being EMBARRASSED by the injury depleted Celtics. EMBARRASSED that their arena operators don’t know the difference between a two-pointer and a three-pointer. 

They have talent. Embiid is a monster. Simmons, while I think he is incredibly overrated, is very talented. If Markelle Fultz got over his yips, he could be a threat. The Sixers could cause trouble in the East.

Until they meet the fully healthy, hungry, Boston Celtics.

I’m not going to go over all the Celtics talent. I already did that.
They are loaded. From the starters to the bench. 
They have the best coach in the game (Sorry, Pop).

The Sixers have a dominant big man, a 6’10” point-forward who is afraid to shoot the ball, and a #1 overall pick who played in 14 games and apparently forgot how to play basketball for a spell. Yet, the Celtics are supposed to be worried?

Worried? Get outta here. 

They want to be on the Celtics level. But they aren’t.  They think they have the talent to contend. But they’re wrong. They wish they had 17 titles. But they don’t.

But sure, it’s a “rivalry”.

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