Danny – Find a way to get Kemba!

Look at that smile! Wouldn’t he look great in green?

News came out today that the Celtics are “stealth” (as of now they aren’t “stealth” but are reported to be at the front line of suitors along with Dallas) players in the Kemba Walker market and I, for one, could not be happier to hear that. If they could lure Kemba, coming off a career season, away from the dumpster of Charlotte to come take over from Bye-rie Irving I think that would be an OUTSTANDING move.

“But Krunch, hes 29 years old! Do you really want to be paying a max contract to a 33 year old Kemba?”

The answer is yes. Abso-fucking-loutely.

He just turned 29 and Kemba is a baller who can wake up and score 20 points. Plus, have you ever heard even so much as a whisper about off the court drama/issues? He is regarded as a high character guy with no diva in him – THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF KYRIE with like 90% of the talent. Yeah, Kyrie is a better basketball player. He is a better shooter and has better handles. But you know what Kyrie doesn’t have? Integrity and leadership (and health!). Also, he’s a total bitch. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a point guard that wasn’t some “woke genius” and could actually play 75+ games a season?

Kemba would fit right in as the point guard that could be the focal point of the offense, allowing the Jays to get space and work. As a playmaker, Kemba is no slouch. He averaged 6 assists a game last season and 5.5 over his career. Those numbers could easily go up in the Brad Stevens system. Plus you’ve gotta think he wants to win at this point. Charlotte has done nothing since they drafted Kemba #9 overall back in 2011. That’s 8 years of mediocrity in CHARLOTTE. Who actually likes Charlotte? He has New England ties after playing at UConn (yes, I know Connecticut is basically New York) so maybe Boston seems like a decent destination to Kemba. It’s sure better than North Carolina!

Charlotte and Michael Jordan are cheapskates and they might not even offer Kemba the full supermax. This is where the Celtics could sweep in and renounce all free agent holds (except for one of Wanamaker or Theis) and have max space to make a run at Kemba. If they think he might actually sign, DO IT. Let Al go get his ridiculous money somewhere else and let Kyrie go fuck himself. It would leave them with a lack of bigs, but I’m sure Danny could find a way to get bodies (like lure one Domantas Sabonis from the Pacers??). Even with a lack of bigs, the current NBA game isn’t huge on the big man so I would rather take a shot with Kemba over giving someone like Vucevic max money.

A potential roster could be:
PG- Walker, Smart, Edwards, Waters
SG- Brown, Langford
SF- Hayward, Ojeleye
PF- Tatum, Yabu
C- ???

That is at least good enough for top 3 in the east if they get someone to actually play center. I just want someone I can root for that actually gives his all. Give me the exact opposite of Kyrie Irving in terms of mentality while only being a slight downgrade on the basketball court.

This is shaping up to actually be a really interesting free agency period for the Celtics and I’m eager to see what Danny pulls off. Count me in for Kemba Walker to Boston.

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