Halftime thoughts -Celtics/Sixers

Jayson Tatum looks like a veteran out there. He is special. On his way to becoming a great. He is a bad man out there. 13 points, looking smooth as a baby’s backside. 

Damn it’s good to see Hayward out there. Can’t wait for him to really make an impact.  They are clearly easing him back in as he only had 11 minutes. Speaking of impact, WHERE IS KYRIE? Has anyone seen him? Did he forget that tonight was tip-off? Need a bigger second half from him for sure. 

Bench is looking nice. Terry Rozier had a nasty block on Embiid that made my sweatpants a little tighter. Get up little man! (and I’m talking about Rozier, obviously). Smart hit a nice three and hasn’t punched anyone so that’s a good start. 

Big Al doing Big Al things. Backing ’em down, turning around, fade and swish. Love that move. Wish I could pull that shit in the rec league.

Jaylen still needs to learn to shoot free throws, but otherwise like the hustle. Really hoping to see more.

Ben Simmons is the worst big-name player in the NBA. Oh whoop-de-fucking-do he can pass the ball behind his head. My grandpa can do that at 75 years old. Not special. Guy can’t even shoot. Okay, he can drive to the hoop. He’s like 10 feet tall, of course he can. I just can’t stand this dude. Everyone thinks he’s all that and he only had 10 points 9 rebounds 5 assists. Come on. AVERAGE, INFLATED STATS. Embiid is carrying him. Guarantee I could take him straight up one on one. He’s a BUM.

Embiid though? That’s a man. He is so smooth for a big man. Can hit the three and a stepback fadeaway jumper with ease. What big man does that? Plus he has to carry Ben Simmons bum ass all game and make buckets to get him easy assists. Can you say stat padding?

The #1 overall pick in the Yips draft actually looks like he can do a little something, but I’ll wait a few more games and see if he can remember how to shoot on an everyday basis. Elbows in Markelle, don’t forget it.

Anywho, big second half for the Celtics. Red Sox already got the job done tonight (more on that later), so now its time to CUsRise.

Celtics 98 Sixers 85. Book it.

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