How to lose your job in 3 easy steps! by Jermaine Whitehead.

Step one: Be terrible at playing safety in the NFL, missing tackles and don’t cover anyone or anything. Be a critical reason why your shitty football team gets beat by another shitty football team when the game was in reach.

Step two: Clapback at fans on Twitter who call you out for step one by being a huge racist douchebag and threatening to kill “fuck ass crackers”. Tell their mom’s to suck your dick and call them poor (which I’m sure Jermaine will be in just a few short months/years). It will also help if you provide your address and offer to scrap with random people.

Step three: Get suspended on Twitter and start going in on fans via Instagram DMs.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you never play professional football again. The lesson here is to maybe not go off on racist, threatening tirades because people are calling out your poor effort on social media.

What a fucking moron!

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