Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the Eastern Conference.

As you’re all aware the Celtics fell to the Raptors last night 113-101. Kawhi Leonard ABSOLUTELY took over the game. He finished with 31 points 10 reb 3 asst. Purely dominant. Kawhi isn’t the flashiest player in the NBA, but he just controls the game both offensively and defensively. At some points last night I didn’t even realize he was going to score 30+. He flys under the radar and then you read the box score and think, “what the fuck, when did that happen?”

But what he did show is that he is the best player in the Eastern Conference. What other player changes a game on both ends like he does? Go ahead, name him. I’ll wait….

There isn’t one. He is in a class of his own now that LeBron decided to put on the purple and gold. Don’t get me wrong, the East has some incredible players. Hell, the Celtics have some of the top talent. Both Kyrie and Gordon are top 10 players in the conference, but neither can change a game like Kawhi. 

The Celtics didn’t look bad last night, so I don’t really understand the panic. It’s hand game 2. Out of 82 games. Let’s pump the breaks and chill. They’re going to lose games, and the Raptors are a great team. The #1 or #2 team in the East. It’s not like they just got blown out by the Knicks.

Gordon Hayward looked pretty dammed comfortable last night. He was cutting and shooting, looking like the Gordon of old. 14 points and 7 rebs in 24 minutes is great. His mid range game looked great and he hit a couple of swish threes. Really great to see him coming back to form. They’re going to take it easy with him, as he’s going to rest tonight against the Knicks, and that’s fine.

How much can I praise Jayson Tatum…. He is just amazing. Eye test tells me he’s the best player on the team right now. I don’t know if that’s true but it’s arguable. He takes and makes some killer shots. Shots that a 20 year old shouldn’t be taking on a team with this much talent. By the end of the year this is his team, no question. Sorry Kyrie. 

Tonight they take on the Knicks and I’m just so glad to have basketball back. Let’s go get a win boys.

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