How far does a Celtics team with Kemba Walker and Clint Capela go?

The big news over the past day is that Kemba to Boston on a 4yr/$141M deal is basically a conclusion. Everyone and their mom is reporting that by Sunday it will be a done deal and Kemba is a Celtic.

I love it. I think Kemba is a better fit for the team than Kyrie, even with slightly less basketball talent. The intangibles are better and he should be a beacon of good chemistry. Plus, he’s HUNGRY to win and he’s familiar with New England from his college days.

But, that’s not the only news…. Reports (really rumors) are coming out that the Celtics have agreed to a trade for Clint Capela.

Trader Danny strikes again…. In silence.

No one has really said what would be traded for Capela, but he makes $16.5M so they would have to trade enough to stay under the cap to sign Kemba. The only way to do that is too trade Smart or Hayward as the focal point of the deal. Consider Hayward’s contract I think we can rule him out. So it’s gotta be Smart.

Trading Smart would hurt. A lot. He’s been the heart and soul of the Celtics and an absolute bulldog his whole career in Boston. I’m not even sure if I’d trade him for Capela, as much as the young center fills is highly talented and fills a glaring hole on the Celtics. I love him that much.

But let’s say it goes through and they acquire both Kemba and Capela, how far can that Celtics team go? They’d be looking at a starting 5 of Kemba, Brown, Hayward, Tatum, and Capela. That’s a pretty solid lineup, even more so if Hayward comes back to being Hayward and the Jays take a step forward. The bench is filled with rookies and they’d need to bring in a vet or two for depth, but I’d be happy with that squad.

They would most certainly make the playoffs and probably do so as a top 4 seed. Beyond that, no guarantees. If Kawhi leaves Toronto and the Bucks lose Middleton and Brogdon that really opens up the East. If that happens I see an ECF appearance from this hypothetical Celtics squad. If Kawhi re-signs I think it would be Toronto/Boston ECF and I’d give the edge to the champs.

No matter how far they go, this team should actually be fun again. No more bitching and moaning and fake “woke” leadership. Hopefully the young guys mature and don’t go party at 5am the night before a game in Miami. Kemba should help with the locker room leadership, but it’s still a young squad in this scenario. They would all need to mature and take a step forward.

Whatever happens, I’ll be sad if they lose Smart (or Brown, who’s also been in rumors). At the same time, what a quick rebuild this would be from last year’s ultimate disappointment. We can only go up from the shit show that was last season.

Make Celtics basketball fun again ☘️☘️

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