Patriots defense is STILL underrated

At the halfway point of the season, the Patriots stats look like this:

 Through 8 Games16 Games TotalNFL Record
Points Allowed61121165 ('00 Ravens)
Yards Allowed187237443549 ('91 Eagles)

It’s stupid how good this defense is. Do I need to remind you that we’re in the highest scoring period in NFL history to get the point across? Most people would say that we haven’t played anybody yet, but I disagree because we’ve played 8 NFL teams and #ANYGIVENSUNDAY applies. Did you see how close the Patriots were to letting the Browns get back into the game (to cover)?

However as good as the D is, the notion that the offense is being carried is a little bit fucking crazy. Hey guys we have a 6 time super bowl champion nightshade-free quarterback. It’s tough to rack up stats when you rank 2nd in the league with an average starting field position of 33. Anyways, it’s a team sport. Team game. The team the team the team.

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