Patriots going to 3rd straight Super Bowl, NFL Twitter has more salt than the Atlantic ocean.

WHAT. A. GAME! Much respect is due to the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Holy shit that kid is legit and that team is really fucking good. I hope they win one in the future, but now is not the time. This is still Tom Brady’s league.

The GOAT did what GOATs do and led a 2 minute drive to put the Pats up 3 in the fourth, only for the defense to quickly give up a field goal to the Chiefs and bring it to OT. Why not, it’s not like I was already having heart palpitations.

In OT the Patriots got the call, Brady led a masterful drive overcoming three different 3rd & 10 situations to score the TD and win. Just like that our 11 month drought of not being in the Super Bowl is over. Phew!

Now look, I get it, the OT rules suck and it’s a shame Mahomes didn’t get a chance… But the defense had 3 opportunities to stop a 3rd & 10 and failed massively. That doesn’t win football games.

That game easily took a year off of my life, but it was well worth it. I am concerned about my salt intake right now, because the NFL fandom is SO FUCKING SALTY. From people saying that Brady is a mediocre system quarterback, to the the “-gates”, to the refs giving them the win, it’s been an absolutely delicious salt fest to which I say…

Fuck you. Your team sucks, our team is the greatest dynasty ever. Be more jealous of three straight Super Bowl appearances and a soon-to-be 6th ring. Suck it, nerds.

The Chiefs are legit, and most fans have been cool and not little whiney babies. They are a force and they will get theirs. Patrick Mahomes makes throws that make Aaron Rodgers blush. It’s fucking insane.

But for now, and for the past 18 years, it’s the Patriots time.

Let’s fucking go.

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