Quick thoughts: Celtics/Raptors first half.

After what felt like an ugly first quarter (even though they were only down by 6) the Celtics had an EXCELLENT second half scoring 34 and holding Toronto to 17.

Kyrie is doing his usual Kyrie thing. Gordon Hayward is having the best half I’ve seen from him all season with 16 points and 4 assists against a top tier team. Keep feeding him. Kyrie and Gordon need to close this out. Get Hayward some confidence and get him back to his normal self.

Keep up this defense. That second quarter was masterful. Kawhi is going to get his, so make it that everyone else has to beat you. Keep this bench scoring going.

Please don’t come out and shit the bed in the 3rd. This had been far too common this season and frankly The Celtics need this tonight. This could be a rally starting win. A solid victory against the #1 team in the East and a rival to light the fire back under this team.

Let’s fucking go Celtics.

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