Red Sox vs. Astros – ALCS Preview

What an ALDS that was! Well, the Red Sox-Yankees series at least. Houston beat the bag out of Cleveland. Now its on to the American League Championship Series and it should be an absolute banger.

The reigning, defending, World Series Champion Astros are having yet another incredible year finishing with 103 wins. That’s good for second place in the MLB…behind the BOSTON RED SOX who had the greatest regular season in team history with 108 wins.

Holy Shit.

That’s a matchup of two behemoths.

Let’s breakdown this matchup, shall we?

Starting Pitching

Houston Astros

Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Dallas Keuchel, Charlie Morton.

That’s a rotation that get’s a manager HARD AS DIAMONDS. 
We all know what Verlander is capable of in the postseason (12-6, 3.08 ERA, 157 SO) but how about the other 3? Well they aren’t so bad in their on right…

Gerrit Cole – While he doesn’t have a ton of postseason experience, he’s gotten it done. 2-2 with a 3.13 ERA and 26 SO over 23 innings. Not bad. Looking at that and then looking at this man’s regular season (15-5, 288 ERA, 276 SO) shows that he has BALLS. 

Dallas Kuechel – A little bit of a down year for Dallas (and by down year I of course mean he still had a sub-4 ERA and 150+ SO, but the W-L wasn’t so hot) but he is still a threat whenever he is on the mound. His postseason career has been damn good (4-2, 3.28 ERA, 48 SO) and he can easily dominate any given night, but he could struggle against the massive Red Sox bats.

Charlie Morton – The unknown of the group. Frankly, I don’t even know who the fuck this dude is but he had a HELL of a year. 15 wins, a 3.13 ERA, and 201 SO. Damn dude, that’s a career year for old Chuck. He had a great year, but he is AVERAGE in the playoffs. Not worried.

Boston Red Sox

Now, this is my team. So I’m not going to come out with fancy-shmancy stats to tell you how good these pitchers are. Y’all are getting the pure Krunchy POV. And baby, you’ll get the moneyshot.

Chris Sale – What do I have to say. Money. He will get it done. Not worried. Absolute ace.

David Price – David, David, David, you make 30 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! Why the fuck can’t you pitch in the postseason. You had a good year and we all thought, “Oh this is the year he finally puts it together in the playoffs!”. Nope. Same old shit from the 30 Million Dollar Man. He PUKED against the Yankees and I have no confidence in him. If maybe he can be serviceable that would be incredible. God help him, the bats need to be lively on David Price night.

Rick Porcello –  The most unpredictable former Cy Young award winner in the game. He has been hit and miss, but he pitched very well in the ALDS and had a decent season. When he has control, he’s nasty. Really thinking he will give a HUGE game in the ALCS.

Nathan Eovaldi – This guy DOMINATED the Yankees in their own house in his first Postseason start in his career. Total faith. He is nails and he’s got the juice. He will get it done…or he will be the Nathan Eovalid we saw frequently in the regular season and be maddening. I hope for the former. 

Eduardo Rodriguez – I really fucking hope we don’t need him as a starter. Can be great, too often sucks. BULLPEN.


Houston Astros

They real good. REAL GOOD. They held the Indians to one run on four hits over 9 2/3 innings. Plus they don’t walk batters. Red Sox might be fucked here.

Boston Red Sox

Seriously. So hot and cold, no consistency. It feels like they could give up 5+ runs in an inning with ease. Even Kimbrel has been a bit nerve wracking. 
Ryan “Get the fuck in the box” Brasier, Brazzers, hasn’t been bad and I love his attitude. Everyone else can suck it. Be better.

The Hitters

Houston Astros

These cats can HIT. Springer, Altuve, Bregman, that’s a hell of a 1-2-3. Bregman hit the fucking cover off of the ball this season to the tune of 31 HR and 103 RBI. 6 through 9 (LOL, 69) they aren’t as strong, but Evan Gattis is no slouch. Good power there. Our old friend Josh Reddick is still swinging at a decent clip.

They just know how to drive ’em in. 6 players with over 60 RBI. That’s damned decent.

Boston Red Sox

Look, we all know who the superstars in this lineup are. Mookie Betts is probably the 2018 AL MVP and had a 30-30 season with a .346 avg. Nasty. 
J.D. Martinez has been hitting like a man possessed this postseason, to continue on an incredible regular season campaign. Every ball he hits I think is leaving the park. He’s that good. Xander Boegaerts had a hell of a season himself and has been pretty decent in the playoffs owning a .294 avg. 

Andrew Benintendi. Remember that name. I think he is going to have a monster ALCS. He’s been hitting pretty damn well so far this postseason and I just have a tingling in my balls about him. Be on the lookout.

The rest of the lineup is completely meh, but they come through when needed. Nunez has been abysmal, so we might see more of the BabyFaced Assassin Raffy Devers. I look forward to that. Got a huge mancrush on Raffy. Sandy Leon has been a whiz behind the plate but looks like he needs a fucking oar to hit the baseball. Not good. JBJ is so good in the field he gets a pass.

Krunchydamus Says…

I’m a complete and utter Red Sox homer, but even putting that aside they can do it. The bats will need to stay alive to keep up with the Astros pitching. I’m talking 4+ runs a game. If not it could be tough. That Houston lineup is no cakewalk.

If the Red Sox starters can’t go deep in games and limit the damage they are screwed. I have ZERO faith in this bullpen. Zero. But I have faith in Sale, Porcello, and Eovaldi (NOTICEABLY MISSING: David Price). They need to limit the Astros lineup and keep things close. 

Red Sox in 7.

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