Red Sox WIN!!!!

Wow! What a game! Kimbrel, you almost fucking blew it. Almost. But Nunez makes an absolutely incredible play to save your ass, it gets reviewed, AND IT STANDS AS CALLED. 

God it feels good to beat the Yankees in their home, in 3 games. Just can’t have enough hate for that team and those fans. Fuck the Yankees. Yankees suck! Nice season losers!

The Astros are up next and they are going to be tough. Defending World Series champs against the best record in the MLB in 2018. Need the bullpen to not shit themselves on a nightly basis. Chris Sale is gonna need to go 7+ every start. 

Let me address someone that really needs a talk….
David Price.

David, you need to be better.  $30 Million for you to poop yourself on national TV. Not good. We NEED you against the ‘stros. It is time for you to actually pitch in the postseason……Who am I kidding? It’s David Price!

Deeper analysis of the ALCS coming in a day or so once I collect my thoughts and bathe in the YANKEE TEARS.

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