The Josh Gordon era is over.

As it’s been reported, Josh Gordon is stepping away from the Patriots to deal with his mental health. It’s also been reported that he failed another drug test, which likely signifies the end of his NFL career.

What a shame. I hope he gets the help he needs to work on himself. He’s never come across as a bad guy, just one with demons. As someone who has struggles, and known many that have as well, this issues hits home for me. Life matters more than football. Sad to see such a talented, young career come to a close but you’ve gotta take care of your mind. It’s the only one you’ve got.

That said, this really sucks for the Patriots…

The Patriots offense has been struggling mightily lately and now they lost a #1 caliber WR. All that is left is Edelman (who looks like a shell of himself), Hogan, Patterson, Dl and Do for WRs. They’ve got Gronk (also a shell of himself) and James White to really round out all the pass-catching players. Does that inspire a lot of confidence? No, didn’t think so.

Now, if there’s anyone that can make it work it’s the GOAT. But at 41 years old it’s tough to imagine he makes that run. If, by the grace of the football gods, Brady can drag this team to a Super Bowl title it will be his greatest accomplishment in his career.

Fuck, that would be satisfying.

I’m not counting the Patriots out, but it’s seeming increasingly unlikely that they will even MAKE the Super Bowl, let alone win it. But man I hope to be proven wrong.

This offensive group is hurting without Gordon, as he has been a huge focal point. In his 11 games with the Patriots he has played in 71.2% of snaps, caught 40 balls (3rd on the team) for 720 yards(1st on the team), caught 3 TD, and averaged 65.5 yards per game (2nd only to Edelman). Time after time he snagged balls out of midair that left me speechless. He used muscle and speed to gain yards after catch, often looking like the strongest guy on the field.

He is 6’3″ and 225 pounds of big play ability who was able to pick up the notoriously difficult Patriots offense. Maybe he wasn’t the most consistent, Brady seemed to miss him more often than not on 3rd dude, but he gave that possibility for a huge play on every down.

That production is irreplaceable this late in the season, going into the playoffs.

Next week against the Bills and the final game against the Jets are both must wins if this team wants any shot of the #3 or above seeds. If not they could have a date with the Chargers in the Wild Card round and I don’t love the chances there.

Fuck. This sucks. Get better soon Josh.

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