Welcome back FUN Celtics basketball.

Left to right – Hayward, Brown, TACKO, and the new PG Kemba Walker pose during media day. /VCG Photo

Ladies and gentlemen, Celtics basketball is fun again.

After the DISASTER that was last season, with Kyrie the Snake shooting the Celtics out of the playoffs in the second round against the Bucks and then bolting to team up the OG Snake KD in Brooklyn, the Celtics have made the start to this season something to enjoy. 

The change in players wasn’t easy. Look, I loved Kyrie; the way he played the game and the way he was able to seemingly get his shot whenever he wanted was something I was craving. It didn’t work. He’s a melodramatic headcase (it’s already starting to show three games into his Nets career, but more on that later) that causes major chemistry issues for a team. I’m not going to get into bashing Kyrie here, I could fill a whole blog with my vitriol; instead, I’m going to praise this new look Celtics team.

It starts with Kemba Walker, the Celtics new (and hopefully not fucking nuts) point guard. The Celtics ponied up the dough and went and got a superstar PG to take the reins. I love the move as it gives Kemba a chance to make the playoffs and gives Boston a damn good guard and someone to root for. He helps to wash the bad taste of Kyrie Irving out of our collective mouths. He had a bit of a rough start to the season, but he DOMINATED against the Knicks and I am excited to see what else he has in store.

Gordon Hayward is back. 

Yeah, I said it. He looks great and finally is over the injury, both mentally and physically. He has been driving to the hoop way at a higher clip than last season. There’s no stutter any more, it’s all go. If he is 90% of he once was this team is going to be just fine. He might not put up the Utah stats, but that is just the nature of having so many mouths to feed on this team. The efficiency with Hayward is what really matters; he’ll get 15+ points on limited shots. Man, it feels good to see him back and healthy. He deserves a great season. 

The Jays are back and looking to take steps forward now that they won’t be thrown under the bus by the Snake. Brown just signed a 4yr/$115m extension, so he doesn’t have the contract issue looming over his head and he can just focus on getting better. I like the contract, but I need to see him take a step forward this season (which I think he will). They couldn’t let him get to FA and get maxed out by some team like Atlanta. They gave him the bag and now he stays around and I get to wear my recently bought Brown jersey with pride for years. Tatum is looking to shake off his Kobe-lite syndrome and become more efficient and really take over the scoring for this team. Kemba, Hayward, and Tatum should be a pretty dangerous 1-2-3 punch with Brown providing some additional scoring. All three should average 15+ points per game at a minimum, with Kemba and Tatum ideally being well over 20ppg. I just want to see Tatum stop taking shit contested midrange jumpers; either shoot the three or drive. He is big and athletic enough to get to the rim almost at will and either score or draw the foul, so I’d like to see that be the focus of his game.

Marcus Smart is Marcus Smart and the heart and soul of this team and I love him like a brother. Forever will I stan for Smart. He’s a fucking bulldog and provides the leadership that a young, newly put together team needs. 

The incoming crop of rookies should get some decent minutes. We’ve already seen Grant Williams play big minutes at multiple positions and I’d love to see him become a Draymond Green-like player.

Overall this team is just likeable again. Plenty of people to root for and a shiny new PG who is craving to show the world just how good he is after being overlooked in Charlotte for so long, never making the playoffs. This team is scrappy underdogs that will make the playoffs but probably won’t make the finals without a better team shitting the bed. That’s exactly what this team needs to be. Go in and take the best punch this league can throw, and give it right back. Keep that backs against the wall mentality, the “us against everyone”, and prove the world wrong.

Mostly, just keep that melodramatic bullshit to Brooklyn. No promises, just results. 

Let’s go Celtics.

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