What a game, what a win over Toronto!

Last night was a phenomenal battle between two of the Eastern Conferences best teams. Kyrie and Kawhi going bucket for bucket.

Kyrie Irving had the best night I’ve ever seen him have in a Celtics uniform. He was controlling the offense, taking shots when he needed to, and setting his teammates up to score with a career high 18 assists. When he needed to take over, he did. His defense was on point and he was rotating when he needed to. Of course, there were some highlight reel Kyrie plays.

The team actually played as a whole, setting good screens on offense and rolling to the hoop and switching on defense. In the third they started losing their grip, but they didn’t completely shit the bed. Rebounding is still an issue for the team. I saw Ibaka and old friend Greg Monroe bullying down low and the guards got way too many boards. Maybe that’s just in my head since the Celtics actually out-rebounded the Raptors, but it didn’t FEEL like they did in key moments.

Overall probably the best win on the season and really shows the league that when on the Celtics are as good as anyone. They just need to be ON more often.

As if now the Celtics sit in 5th place, 6 games behind the Bucks/Raptors. So use this win and keep it going! The Pacers are only 3.5 games ahead for the 3 spot. This team has no reason they can’t catch up and get a top 3 seed. The talent is too great.

Let’s fucking go, CUsRise.

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