What is really going on with Gordon Hayward?

The night before last Celtics and Warriors played in a classic back and forth battle, one of the best games on the season. Kyrie kept up his hot streak with 32 points, 6 reb, 10 ast. Al Horford looked to be in prime Playoff Al form posting 22 points and 13 reb. Jayson Tatum poured in 20 points 5 reb himself. Overall the team went shot for shot with the defending champs and the best team in the NBA, but what did Gordon Hayward do?


Nothing at all.

He had 2 points, 7 reb, 2 ast. Yeah the 7 rebounds are nice, but they aren’t paying him a kings ransom to get rebounds. He needs to score and he looked hesitant and not fluid during this game. Going 0-5 from the field and having a -8 rating is not good. In fact, it’s bad. $31 million for 2 points in a game that they need him to at least give some great bench production.

So yes, he is a liability right now on both ends of the court. It’s not great, but they can’t abandon the $31 million man. Obviously this is all because of the horrific injury Hayward suffered last season. Is he still in pain? Is it all mental?

I lean to the mental aspect and I wonder just what he can do to trust in his body again. Watching highlights of him in Utah just dunking over dudes and driving to the hoop with reckless abandon makes me yearn for that G in a Celtics uniform. Imagine if the Celtics had that player on the squad right now! They would easily be the best in the East if not the best team in the NBA. It’s a shame, but I still hold out hope that Hayward can keep progressing and get back to being a stud. Hopefully at least a very very good bench player for a deep Celtics playoff run.

You got this G.