It didn’t come against the Spurs like I thought, but the Lil B blessing for Gordon Hayward has come. Tonight he dropped a season high 35 points on the Timberwolves on 14-18 shooting off of the bench.

No Kyrie. No problem tonight.

This is the sign of big things to come for Hayward. I can feel it in my plums. Here comes a great streak of games to continue to take the best of the Blessing.

Thank you Lil B. Thank you Gordon Hayward.

Let’s fucking go.

Lil B the BASEDGOD gives Hayward his Blessing. Gordon’s going off tonight.

We all know Hayward hasn’t quite been 100% yet this season, but fear not Celtics fans. Good things are coming.

With the Spurs on deck tonight for the last game of 2018, I’m expecting Hayward to have that magic.

40 points. Book it. Bet the house, Lil B won’t steer you wrong.

The Spurs have been okay this season without Kawhi, sitting at 20-17 and currently the 8th seed in the Western Conference. DeMar DeRozan has been having a typical DeMar season with 23 ppg 6 rpg 6 apg. Right now he’s averaging a career high in rebounds, so he’s got that going for him. As a team they have the 7th ranked offense, but the 20th ranked defense.

20th ranked defense? Sounds like a good game for Hayward to go off!

Lil B has spoken. Hayward is coming.

A guard battle for the ages!

Celtics vs. Rockets, Irving vs. Harden.

Two guards that are the #1 options for their teams who have been lighting it up recently.

This should be a good one. Coming off of an excellent Christmas day performance Kyrie and the Celtics have a tough matchup against James Harden the surging Houston Rockets.

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Merry Christmas Kyrie Irving!

What a Christmas day performance from Uncle Drew to hold off the 76ers. He was untouchable on the court, showing hustle and clutch play throughout.

The Celtics came out to an early lead and it looked like things could get ugly. Shots were falling and Irving quickly got hot with 16 points in the first quarter. But then it became a dog fight, with the teams trading buckets and leads.

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Welcome back Gordon Hayward.

Last night Gordon Hayward had his best game as a Celtic. Flirted with a triple double with 30-8-9 and his shot looked great. He was making some excellent cuts and playing very well with the team.

He looked great even though he still doesn’t have all his athleticism back. But what a step in the right direction. Hopefully he can build on this and keep his confidence going and he get his bounce back. This was a great flash to the Gordon that earned a 30 million dollar a year contract. 

Amazing to see. Can’t wait for fully athletic Gordon.

Overall one of the best, most complete games of the season. The offense was clicking and passing the ball all night. Gotta keep this up against the lowly Knicks.

Let’s get that win streak!

Tonight the Celtics play a lowly Cavaliers team at home in Boston. This should be a win. This BETTER be a win. 

The Celtics are coming off three days of rest, and a great win over the Pelicans. Ride that one game win streak boys!

Unfortunately both Brown and Horford are out tonight. Even so, the Celtics should win with ease. The Cavs have little talent outside Colin Sexton.

The Celtics have a fairly easy schedule over the next three weeks facing in order: Timberwolves, Knicks, Bulls, Pelicans, Wizards, Hawks, Pistons, and the Suns. A decent amount of garbage before a December 21 matchup with the Bucks. If they could go at least 7-2 over the next nine games I’d feel much better about this team.

Starting tonight, let’s get a win streak going.

How many points will Anthony Davis score tonight?

The Celtics are playing the Pelicans tonight, which means Al Horford gets the pleasure of guarding Anthony Davis.

How bad does AD fuck up Al’s night? I wouldn’t be surprised to see AD go for over 40 tonight. Horford has been atrocious on defense… and offense. He looks old and slow. Davis is going to eat him alive.

This could be another loss for a Celtics team that I thought would win 55+ games. Jaylen Brown is out tonight, so they are down a guard. Good thing is the Pelicans don’t have a ton of guards to worry about, bad thing is they have AD who’s going to EAT.

This Celtics team is flawed. 20 games in and we can plainly see that. They have the talent, but they don’t have the heart they had last season. It’s not something that can be solved with trades, but I’m not sure how to solve it. Change up the rotation, yes, but someone has to step up and be a leader on and off the court. Marcus Smart is a vocal leader, but he makes boneheaded decisions on the court that hinder his leadership ability. Someone has to guide this ship. Brad can’t do it all.

Speaking of Brad, if you think he should be fired you’re a fucking moron. Of course he gets some of the blame, it’s his job to motivate and instill winning in his players. What he can’t do is make the shots for them.

This is a frustrating season…

As a Celtics fan, this sucks.

I don’t know what to say at this point. This team just isn’t good. They have the talent and ability, but they can’t put it together consistently for 4 quarters. To be down 20 points to the Knicks and come back, only to lose by 8 is gross. No excuse for that.

No one other than Kyrie is safe from blame. They are now a .500 team almost a quarter through the season. If they don’t put it together soon they can kiss a top 3 seed in the playoffs goodbye. For a team that has Finals aspirations, they are playing like one that could get bounced in the first round as a 5 seed. 

Tonight it’s the Hawks, another lowly Eastern Conference team. At this point I wouldn’t be shocked if they lose. I just don’t know what to expect from this team, so I’m done guessing. 

God I hope they somehow land Zion.

This fucking sucks.

Just win. Please.

In a little over an hour the Celtics and Knicks will meet in a pre-Turkey Day matchup that Boston MUST win. The Knicks are bad, 4-14 bad to be exact. The Celtics are also bad, in terms of where they should be. So take this cupcake team and kick the shit out of them. Get back on track with a nice blowout win and go into tomorrow with a win, and hungry tummies. 

If not, my Thanksgiving will be a little less thankful. I’ll cram my face full of turkey, angrily. There’s nothing worse than angry eating. Don’t do that to me, Celtics. 

Don’t lose to the lowly Knicks. Don’t fall to .500 on the season. The hopes were so high for this team and they are falling, quickly. Shut all of us naysayers up tonight with a decisive victory. 

Don’t make Thanksgiving suck.