Celtics – Magic, a Monday night affair.

This won’t be a long blog, as this isn’t an incredibly premier matchup. There is a bit of intrigue though. Orlando has some young talent that it will be interesting to see against the Celtics for the first time this season. Mo Bamba, Aaron Gordon, and Jonathon Isaac are all young players trying to drag the Magic back to relevancy. 

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Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the Eastern Conference.

As you’re all aware the Celtics fell to the Raptors last night 113-101. Kawhi Leonard ABSOLUTELY took over the game. He finished with 31 points 10 reb 3 asst. Purely dominant. Kawhi isn’t the flashiest player in the NBA, but he just controls the game both offensively and defensively. At some points last night I didn’t even realize he was going to score 30+. He flys under the radar and then you read the box score and think, “what the fuck, when did that happen?”

But what he did show is that he is the best player in the Eastern Conference. What other player changes a game on both ends like he does? Go ahead, name him. I’ll wait….

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Tonight we see the Klaw and his Raptors.

The Celtics opened their season with a big test against the Sixers. They passed that test with flying colors. Tonight, in game #2, they face another big test. Kawhi Leonard and the new look Toronto Raptors.

Over the years the Celtics have had some real trouble against the Raptors, going 7-13 under head coach Brad Stevens. Eesh. That’s the worst record against an Eastern team under the President. Tonight will be no easy task.

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Celtics 1-0, We ’bout to have a fun season!

Well that was a way to open the season! An absolute thrashing of the Sixers.
I wonder if they get any better? They looked like GARBAGE. Couldn’t guard a toddler out there.

Biggest takeaway has to be the game for Jayson Tatum. Holy shit dude way to come right out and show the NBA you’re ready for primetime. Simply an excellent, leading performance.  A team leading 23 points, with 9 rebounds and 3 assists to boot! He looks GOOD. REALLY GOOD. Kobe clearly gave him some of the secret sauce this summer. If he keeps going he is going to be a superstar. The footwork is great and the shot is wet. He has the confidence to take anyone on the wing, make a move, and cut to the hoop. He’s only going to get better, and he’s already pretty damned good.

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Halftime thoughts -Celtics/Sixers

Jayson Tatum looks like a veteran out there. He is special. On his way to becoming a great. He is a bad man out there. 13 points, looking smooth as a baby’s backside. 

Damn it’s good to see Hayward out there. Can’t wait for him to really make an impact.  They are clearly easing him back in as he only had 11 minutes. Speaking of impact, WHERE IS KYRIE? Has anyone seen him? Did he forget that tonight was tip-off? Need a bigger second half from him for sure. 

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Celtics vs. Sixers – Rivalry Ignited

Saturday May 5, 2018.
Game three of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.
The Boston Celtics are up 2-0 in the series against the Philadelphia 76ers.

It’s the fourth quarter. Sixers have the ball down 89-87 with barely over a second on the clock. It appears the Celtics are going to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. 

Marco Belinelli throws up a hail mary shot from the corner. It’s deep. There’s no time left.


Confetti begins to fall. The crowd goes nuts. The Sixers are back in this series!

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Chasing Banner #18 – 2018 Boston Celtics

Ladies and gentleman it’s that time again. The greatest time of the year. The start of the NBA season. Listen, I love all sports, but basketball has and always will be my #1. I play it (averagely) and I watch it religiously. Can’t get enough. If course my team in the NBA is the greatest franchise basketball has every had, the 17x Champion Boston Celtics.

This season should be special for this Celtics squad. Everyone is finally healthy and they have talent EVERYWHERE. So whaddaya say, let’s take a look at this years team.

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