How to lose your job in 3 easy steps! by Jermaine Whitehead.

Step one: Be terrible at playing safety in the NFL, missing tackles and don’t cover anyone or anything. Be a critical reason why your shitty football team gets beat by another shitty football team when the game was in reach.

Step two: Clapback at fans on Twitter who call you out for step one by being a huge racist douchebag and threatening to kill “fuck ass crackers”. Tell their mom’s to suck your dick and call them poor (which I’m sure Jermaine will be in just a few short months/years). It will also help if you provide your address and offer to scrap with random people.

Step three: Get suspended on Twitter and start going in on fans via Instagram DMs.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you never play professional football again. The lesson here is to maybe not go off on racist, threatening tirades because people are calling out your poor effort on social media.

What a fucking moron!

Lamar Jackson and the 2019 Baltimore Ravens: I hate that I like you.

Just look at those moves……

So let me preface this blog by saying I am a DIE HARD Patriots fan with Ravens hatred going back years. @monti was a Ravens fan in high school and hated the Patriots because the “Ravens are so good in madden”. Now, he rides so proudly on that Patriots train that it makes me want to puke. I’d also like to mention that Lamar Jackson is the QB for the 6-2 soon to be a fantasy football champion squad Belichick Yourself. That all being said, I can’t help but root for this Ravens squad.


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Patriots going to 3rd straight Super Bowl, NFL Twitter has more salt than the Atlantic ocean.

WHAT. A. GAME! Much respect is due to the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Holy shit that kid is legit and that team is really fucking good. I hope they win one in the future, but now is not the time. This is still Tom Brady’s league.

The GOAT did what GOATs do and led a 2 minute drive to put the Pats up 3 in the fourth, only for the defense to quickly give up a field goal to the Chiefs and bring it to OT. Why not, it’s not like I was already having heart palpitations.

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The Josh Gordon era is over.

As it’s been reported, Josh Gordon is stepping away from the Patriots to deal with his mental health. It’s also been reported that he failed another drug test, which likely signifies the end of his NFL career.

What a shame. I hope he gets the help he needs to work on himself. He’s never come across as a bad guy, just one with demons. As someone who has struggles, and known many that have as well, this issues hits home for me. Life matters more than football. Sad to see such a talented, young career come to a close but you’ve gotta take care of your mind. It’s the only one you’ve got.

That said, this really sucks for the Patriots…

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Looks like the Patriots are going to have to play in a Wild Card game for the first time in 9 years.

Let me start out by saying that game last night fucking sucked huge donkey balls. The offense sucked, Brady sucked, the defense sucked, the coaching sucked, EVERYTHING SUCKED. Yet they only lost by 7. The Steelers should have run away with that game, but they sucked too. They just sucked a little less than the Patriots.

So now the Patriots have fallen to the #3 seed in the AFC and will likely have to play in the Wild Card game. Anyone remember the last time that happened? 


Let’s say the Patriots win the Wild Card game (which I’m not convinced they do), they then have to go play two road games to try and make the Super Bowl. As we all know, the Patriots SUCK on the road this season. They are 3-5 with some ugly as all hell losses on the road (@ Detroit, @Jacksonville, @Tennessee, and last night @Pittsburgh). So that doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

Of course, it’s the Patriots and they will probably make me eat my words. Hell, I’d be happy to. Slap on some American cheese on a toasted bun and I’ll eat the fuck out of these words. They’ve gotta show me something, anything, that makes me have a little confidence in their Playoff chances. 


Patriots – Steelers, a must win.

In a little over two hours, two AFC powerhouses meet in a game with serious playoff implications. The Patriots sit atop The AFC East at 9-4, the Steelers are leading the AFC North at 7-5-1.

This is a must win for both teams. The Steelers need this game to hold off the Ravens, who are only a game behind for the division lead. For the Patriots, they need this game to keep up with the 11-3 Chiefs and Chargers and 10-4 Texans for home field during the playoffs. With a loss they more than likely won’t have home field and may not even get a top 2 seed.

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Gurley giveth, Gurley taketh away.

Round one – fantasy football playoffs. It’s been a good season for me. I ended up with the #1 seed after going 12-1. I was riding a wave of high hopes going into yesterday. 

Until it all came crashing down. Todd Gurley brought me into the playoffs and Todd Gurley kicked me right out to a team that went 5-8. 

Not to put it all on Todd, so many players underperformed last night. Golden Tate with a 0, should’ve started Alshon Jeffrey over him. I left the Bears D on my bench and put in the Broncos because I had Gurley and Greg Zurlein going for the Rams against the Bears. Who would’ve thought the 49ers would actually have a good game on offense?

So now I’m down 89-76 with only Kirk Cousins to play, and we all know what a disappointment he has been. Meanwhile my opponent still has Doug Baldwin and Delvin Cook to go.

It ain’t over, but the fat lady is about to come on stage and belt it out loud and proud.

God damn, fantasy football is a fickle bitch.

Fantasy Football Playoffs, a Quest for Back2Back

It’s that time again. The regular season is over and it’s time to separate the men from the boys.

Belichick Yourself, the defending champions, finished the season at 12-1 getting the #1 seed. Really passed I didn’t get the undefeated season. Now, some big decisions loom before Sunday. Let’s break em down…

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Can we talk about Kareem Hunt?

Kansas City has released star RB Kareem Hunt after video came out of him kicking and hitting a woman in a hotel lobby. It wasn’t a great look for player in a league that has had NUMEROUS issues with domestic violence. So now Kareem is out of a job and people are praising the Chiefs for acting quickly.

Let’s be real, the Chiefs deserve no praise. Are you going to tell me that they had no idea about this video? Come on now, let’s not be naive. They’re letting him go because the video went public and it looks BAD. 

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J-E-T-S! Suck, suck, suck!

Ahh the after Thanksgiving beatdown of the Jets. Nice and relaxing. Beating such an incompetent franchise just makes me feel good inside.

Is there any franchise run worse than the Jets? Even the Browns have shown some promise this season. The Jets drafted a QB, hoping he would be the franchise, and he BLOWS. He isn’t even healthy for today! They’ve gotta start 85 year old Josh McCown. 

This should be a nice bounce back game for the Pats. Let’s have it as a nice blowout to get the boys back on track. I want to see 300+ and 2 TD from Brady. I want to see Gronk actually look a little like Gronk. I want to see the defense give up less than 14. Simple things. 

If the Pats lose, that will be not great. Not great at all. But they won’t. It’s the Jets, who are we kidding. 

Fuck the Jets.