How far does a Celtics team with Kemba Walker and Clint Capela go?

The big news over the past day is that Kemba to Boston on a 4yr/$141M deal is basically a conclusion. Everyone and their mom is reporting that by Sunday it will be a done deal and Kemba is a Celtic.

I love it. I think Kemba is a better fit for the team than Kyrie, even with slightly less basketball talent. The intangibles are better and he should be a beacon of good chemistry. Plus, he’s HUNGRY to win and he’s familiar with New England from his college days.

But, that’s not the only news…. Reports (really rumors) are coming out that the Celtics have agreed to a trade for Clint Capela.

Trader Danny strikes again…. In silence.

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The Raiders are blowing this shit up!

The big NFL story of the day is the Dallas Cowboys making a trade for the #4 pick in the 2014 Draft, Amari Cooper. 

Jerry gave up a 2019 first round pick straight up for the talented, but under-performing wide receiver. They needed help for Dak Prescott, so they are taking the chance. I don’t hate the player, but I do for a first round pick. He hasn’t been consistent at all in his career and it isn’t like Dak is some all-world QB. We’ll see how that pairing goes. 

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